About Us

Effective Workplace Solutions are specialist practitioners who provide practical advice and assistance in workplace relations, employment law and human resource management procedures and all employment law and workplace law related matters.

We believe that having systems, procedures and processes in place, and having managers and employees educated in employment law and workplace law and aware of their rights and responsibilities in the workplace, is essential to avoiding protracted and costly court cases and prosecutions, and maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

Greg Arnold is a Director and the Principal Consultant for Effective Workplace Solutions. Greg believes in a strategic or pro-active approach to workplace relations and employee management. Greg has a Diploma of Industrial Relations and has WH&S qualifications and is a trained Mediator.

Greg has been involved in workplace relations, providing advice and representing employers in a variety of positions for over 30 years as a workplace relations practitioner and manager. Greg has had workplace relations experience in a broad range of industries ranging from the building and construction industry, engineering, newspapers and publishing, food processing and the hospitality sector.

In all of those sectors Greg has represented his clients in the Fair Work Commission (formerly the Australian Industrial Relations Commission), as well the Queensland, NSW, WA and Victorian Industrial Relations tribunals, as well as the State and Federal Anti-Discrimination tribunals. He has also successfully represented small retailers in trading hours cases in the State industrial tribunals. During this time he has also a represented employers and industry sectors on key workplace relations and WH&S advisory committees.

He has represented employers in hundreds of unfair dismissal matters, provided advice and negotiated many enterprise agreements across a broad range of industries.

It’s this level of experience which has led Greg to believe that the strategic approach to industrial relations is the best way to ensure that businesses reduce the risk and exposure to industrial disputation and prosecution.

Karen Arnold is a Director and the Business Development Manager for Effective Workplace Solutions.

Karen has extensive experience in the hospitality and Club industry, Human Resources and the legal industry.

Karen is currently completing her Bachelor of Laws with Southern Cross University whilst balancing part time work in a local law firm and managing HR Central and Business Development for Effective Workplace Solutions, and has qualifications in Training and Assessment and Business Administration, and has an Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies).

Karen’s experience includes HR, HR compliance audits, employee relations, business development, payroll, advisory support, performance management, administration, book keeping, policy development, guidance and leadership, general compliance, grievance resolution, and implementing productivity-inducing practices.

Over the years Karen has also had the pleasure of serving on many not-for-profit Boards and Committees which has added to her management and administrative expertise.

Carolyn Mason is HR Services Consultant for Effective Workplace Solutions.  

Carolyn is an accomplished Human Resources Manager with over 14 years of experience.  Her core passion is people.  She understands exactly what is required in selecting the right people for the right positions and further retaining and developing key staff within an organisation.  She has a strong track record of creating high performing and motivated teams, which is due to the great amount of energy and passion she has for people.

Carolyn’s career has included several HR leadership positions within the hospitality industry, specifically in the Club, Hotels and Resort environments. She specializes in talent management including workforce planning, recruiting, performance management, employee development and employee engagement.  She also has extensive hands-on experience leading HR initiatives including compensation and employee relations, benefits and recognition programs, effective training and development programs and compliance reporting.

Carolyn holds a Diploma of Business (Human Resources Management) and is completing her qualification as a certified Trainer and Assessor.  Carolyn was also an active member of the Strategic Industrial Relations Advisory Committee (SIRAC) with Clubs QLD and a Committee member on the Board of Management Studies for the Club Managers Association (CMAA) for where she contributed to the designing of the professional development initiatives for the association and its members.

What can you expect?

  • Experienced Consultants who are interested in your business and will make the effort to understand and meet your needs;
  • A strategic approach to meeting your business’s workplace relations, employment law, human resource management and management training needs;
  • Tailor-made advice that recognises your needs and circumstances – not just an “off the shelf” response;
  • Practical advice in terms that mean something to you, and assists you in doing what needs to be done;
  • Prompt service;
  • Competitive hourly and retainer rates.