PRESS RELEASE: Tweed Club Recognised for Outstanding Staff Practices

Murwillumbah Services Memorial Club has recently been recognised by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) for its exceptional and innovative approach to providing benefits to its staff.

In a recent project commissioned by the FWC, the Club was one of only a handful of businesses nationwide identified as providing innovative provisions in its Enterprise Agreement that it has negotiated with its staff.

The Project Report particularly focused on the Club’s staff training and education provisions in its most recent Enterprise Agreement. The Enterprise Agreement was negotiated between management and the staff of the Club, and the Club’s achievements were highlighted by the FWC project.

In the Project report, the Club’s CEO, Guy Diven highlighted the benefits that the enhanced training provisions were able to deliver. Mr. Diven said he believed the clause had helped the club achieve its goal of attracting and retaining quality staff and this has also had a significant impact on customer service. Mr. Diven stated:
“We’ve got a number of large venues 20 minutes to the north of us and they are very good operations. For us to be able to attract quality and skilled employees we have to go outside of the box in our thinking and I think we have been able to achieve a fair balance there with the training component. ……… be able to retain the highest calibre of staff we’ve got to be able to continually up-skill them. [And] the benefit of that of course is better business with their servicing our members in a better manner and that leads to improved revenues and generally profits.”

This is the second Enterprise Agreement to be negotiated between the management and staff of the Club. The first in 2007, won awards from the then Federal Government for its innovative approach to agreement making. That agreement also placed a focus on employee health and welfare, providing a quit smoking programme for staff and an allowance to help employees live a healthier lifestyle.

The overall benefit to the Club however is that there has been a significant reduction in staff turnover. Mr Diven states that in the past 2 years or so no staff member has left or resigned.

Greg Arnold, Principal Consultant of Effective Workplace Solutions assisted Club management and staff develop both Enterprise Agreements. Mr. Arnold says “This is an excellent and positive example of what Enterprise Agreements are able to deliver to businesses. To have a labour turnover of virtually zero in the hospitality sector is almost unheard-of…..and the Murwillumbah Services Club EA has set the benchmark for other Clubs in NSW. The management and staff of the Club should be proud of the outcome”

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Guy Diven
Murwillumbah Services Memorial Club
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