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Unfair Dismissal Matters

unfair dismissal 2The unfair dismissal laws in Australia have been constantly changing over the last two decades, and it has been difficult for employers, particularly small business to keep track of the ever changing unfair dismissal “landscape”. Unfair Dismissal cases are the most common claims handled by all Industrial Tribunals in Australia. more »

Underpayment of Wages Claims

moneyWhilst many employers pay bonuses and make over-award payments to employees, thinking that they are doing the right thing by their staff, there are often technicalities contained in Awards and legislation that may put employers in breach of the Award and legislation. You need quick advice on Awards or industrial relations legislation, make the quick phone call  more »

Enterprise Agreements (EA’s) and Individual Flexibility Agreements (IFA’s)

Effective Workplace Solutions ServicesIt is vital that a comprehensive strategy be developed to ensure that agreement is able to be reached, the agreement complies with the legislation and that the process also complies with the legislation. more »

Policy Formulation and Staff Handbooks

Policy formulation and staff handbooks for our services pageThe development and implementation of Operational and Staff Policies and Staff Handbooks is one of the keys to ensuring quality performance and standards from your employees. Having proper policies and procedures in the form of staff handbooks in place is also a key in preventing and mitigating against claims by employees. more »

Dispute Mediation and Resolution

Mediation and dispute resolution on our services pageWith many years of experience in dealing with workplace disputes at the workplace level or in the industrial tribunals, Effective Workplace Solutions can assist employers in resolving disputes. With many years of experience in dealing with workplace disputes at the workplace level or in the industrial tribunals. more »

Strategic Organisational Change

Change managementOrganisations need to re-examine themselves on a regular basis, to establish where they are, and where they are heading. Establishing short, medium and long term plans are an essential part of maintain the focus and drive of the organisation and to maintain competitiveness. Effective Workplace Solutions offers a fresh approach to change management. more »

Injury Management and Workers Compensation

Injury ManagementEffective Workplace Solutions can assist Employers with managing an employee with a workplace injury and through the worker’s compensation process. These matters need to be handled carefully to ensure that there are no negative impacts on workers compensation insurance and to ensure that the employer’s rights are upheld and obligations are complied with under the laws. more »

Employment Contracts

employment-contract-e1368521953700Many employers enter into Employment Contracts at the commencement of, or during employment. This is particularly the case with managers and staff who are not necessarily covered by Awards or Agreements. Effective Workplace Solutions can draft or review current employment contracts to suit your needs. more »

So why not bring in the experts to ensure that you comply with all of your employment law obligations.

The quality of the strategy brings about the quality of outcome.