Mediation and Dispute Resolution


Healthy conflict exists in most workplaces and generally isn’t cause for too much concern.  However, when conflict esclates between employees it can be damaging and, if ignored, can damage morale, reduce productivity and may lead to increased costs and legal issues for the business.

Generally there is a sense of urgency surrounding these issues and a quick turnaround is required. Effective Workplace Solutions provide onsite or  when there is a sense that independent, impartial, external and specialised assistance is required to help those involved to resolve the issues that have arisen between them.


Workplace mediation involves a voluntary and confidential discussion between those involved in the conflict, which is facilitated by an impartial mediator. The goal of a workplace mediation is for the participants to resolve the dispute themselves, by making an informed decision that everyone can live with. A Terms of Settlement/Agreement document can be drafted if the participants would like this. Our practitioner facilitates this process for your staff. Our services include a pre-mediation telephone call to the participants explaining the process, and then facilitation of an on-site mediation session with the participants, drafting of a Terms of Settlement/Agreement document, and follow-up with your business and the participants post mediation if desired/required.

Dispute Resolution

With many years of experience in dealing with workplace disputes at the workplace level or in the industrial tribunals, Effective Workplace Solutions can assist employers in resolving disputes within the workplace.

Resolving workplace issues before they grow into disputes can create strong commitment to the solution. If both the employee and employer are able to settle the issue or dispute privately it can save time, and spare both parties the stress of going through a formal legal process.

Effective dispute resolution can assist employers to maintain good relationships with their employees through dealing with workplace issues in the early stages. Employees will be more likely to be cooperative and productive if they know that their grievances will be taken seriously by the employer and that there is the opportunity for an independent party (such as our consultancy) to assist in resolving the dispute. A solid dispute resolution process with a focus on resolution at the workplace level. This may help to avoid the costs of resolving a claim externally; for instance, via arbitration before the Fair Work Commission, or through litigation in the Federal Court of Australia.

Effective Workplace Solutions can assist you in resolving these disputes either in the discussions at workplace or represent you in the industrial tribunals and assist you in dealing with Union officials, delegates or with solicitors.