Enterprise Agreements (EA’s) and Individual Flexibility Agreements (IFA’s)


Fortunately, the Australian industrial relations system now allows various forms of agreements to be entered into between employees and employers. These are referred to as Enterprise Agreements (EA’s) or Individual Flexibility Agreements (IFA’s). These types of agreements allow for greater degrees of flexibility in terms and conditions of employment that are compatible to your business, rather than the often restricting terms and conditions of Awards.

Both forms of Agreements must be made in accordance with various criteria and tests to be satisfied under current employment and workplace laws.  All agreements may need to be approved by one Tribunal or another. It is therefore vital that a comprehensive strategy be developed to ensure that agreement is able to be reached, the agreement and the process also complies with the employment laws.

Effective Workplace Solutions provides a comprehensive service to put in place EA’s and IFA’s.

The service includes

  • Development of a strategy
  • Drafting of the Agreement that suits your operational requirements
  • Consultation and negotiations with employees or Union officials, where required
  • Filing of all necessary documentations
  • Where necessary, representation in the Tribunals to ratify and approve the agreements.