Policy Formulation and Staff Handbooks

The development and implementation of Policies and Staff Handbooks is one of the keys to ensuring quality performance and standards from your employees. In many cases, it is a requirement of employment law that these policies are in place and communicated to all staff.

Drafting policies and procedures is also one of the most time consuming tasks in the workplace, made more difficult by the ever changing nature of legislation and laws.

Policy Formulation 

Effective Workplace Solutions can assist your business in the development and implementation of a vast range of policies. We can develop a strategy that suits your business and operational requirements, whilst at the same time ensuring that these policies are consistent with employment law requirements. We can then assist you to properly communicating and implement these policies within your workplace.

Staff Handbooks

A more comprehensive service that Effective Workplace Solutions offers is the development of a tailor-made Staff Handbook for your business.  This document can also be referred to as a staff manual or employee handbook. Regardless of the terminology, this document is designed to give your employees an outline of your company policies, culture, and expectations of  around behaviour and their performance within the workplace.

Our staff handbooks are written to meet the specific needs of your business. Your Staff Handbook would include all of policies and procedures that you wish to implement as well as other important information for employees, including health and safety information, outline of the terms and conditions of employment, including rights and responsibilities in the workplace, and are designed to suit the needs of your business.

Our service also includes contacting your business on an annual basis to discuss updating your Staff Handbook to include any changes to your business operations, legislation, employment law, and Award provisions.

Having a purpose built Staff Handbook that has been tailor-made for your business provides your staff with a point of reference for policies and procedures within the workplace and assists your business when it comes to managing employee behaviour or expectations, performance management, and if required, termination. And, whilst there are no specific requirements to have a Staff Handbook in place, having proper policies and procedures in the form of staff handbooks in place can be instrumental in preventing and/or mitigating against claims by employees against your business.


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Team Accelerate – Effective Workplace Solutions has teamed up with Krystle Clear Solutions to develop an electronic hub that manages all of your Human Resources Manual (Staff Handbook) for your team. Contact us for more information on this exciting product.