Strategic Organisational Change and Redundancies

cogsBusinesses need to re-examine themselves on a regular basis, to establish where they are, and where they are heading. Establishing short, medium and long term plans are an essential part of maintaining the focus and drive of the organisation and to ensuring competitiveness within the market place. How your business manages organisational change is critical to your business’ success. We recommend a strategic approach to change management.

Strategic organisational change

The changes to your organisation may require a change to the culture of your workplace. This may necessitate additional training; improved methods of communication with your employees or a change in the way that decisions are made in your organisation. The solutions are limitless, and it often takes a degree of lateral thinking to find the right solutions for your business. Effective Workplace Solutions can assist from the planning stage to implementation within the workplace.


Many employers find redundancy one of the most difficult business decisions to implement. Not only can redundancies be costly, but they can have on-going consequences if the redundancies are not carried out in a proper manner.

Prior to embarking on any change management process where there is the potential for redundancies, it’s critical that employers understand their obligations. These obligations may arise from a range of sources such as legislation, industrial agreements, modern awards, employment contracts and company policies and practices.
Effective Workplace Solutions can assist your business to ensure they understand and meet their obligations. We can create a strategy to manage the process and guide your business through all stages of the redundancy process to ensure that all laws and minimum obligation are adhered to together with providing advice on the strategies to effectively implement the change process.