Employment Audits


Documentation Review

We can review your employment contracts, handbooks, policies and procedures. We’ll advise you of any changes needed to comply with current legislation and can update or draft documents as necessary.

Employee Relations Review

Including guidance on current issues, the impact of organisational developments, recent case law that could affect your business and a review of any tribunal and/or court cases.

Underpayment of Wage Claims

Another area that often lands employers, particularly small employers in trouble is the underpayment of wages and entitlements to employees.

Whilst many employers pay bonuses and make over-award payments to employees, thinking that they are doing the right thing by their staff, there are often technicalities contained in Awards and workplace laws that may put employers in breach of the Award and employment laws. This may result in a prosecution by Government Departments or a Union and the possibility of a Court appearance.

We can provide advice on Awards or industrial relations legislation, make the quick phone call and we can give you that advice quickly either over the phone or in writing. We also provide representation for you to attempt to mitigate any claims of underpayment of wages and entitlements that are made against you.

Payroll Audits

This is the strategic or pro-active approach. We will examine your time and wages records and your processes to ensure that you are complying with the Awards and employment laws. We will provide a comprehensive report and if there are any issues, suggest strategies as to how to ensure that you do comply with workplace laws. This will hopefully prevent what could quite easily be a very expensive exercise.