Unfair Dismissal Matters and Management of Termination

unfair dismissal 2Unfair Dismissal cases are the most common claims handled by all Industrial Tribunals in Australia. This has been an increasing trend in the last two decades and has impacted small, medium and large businesses. The unfair dismissal laws and employment laws generally in Australia have been constantly changing over the last two decades, and it has been difficult for employers, particularly small business to keep track of the ever changing unfair dismissal “landscape”.

Quick Advice

Ideally the decision to dismiss an employee should be taken after advice has been sought as to the appropriate steps to be taken in the process of termination and or disciplinary action to be taken. Usually a phone call with Effective Workplace Solutions is the first step to providing sound advice that can help you on a path to avert a long, drawn out and costly disaster. From there Effective Workplace Solutions can work with you to provide on-going advice and support if needed.

The Strategic Approach to Management of Termination

Apart from providing practical advice and support , there are a number of ways that Effective Workplace Solutions can assist you to put in place strategies, plans, policies and procedures to ensure that unfair dismissals can be avoided, or at the very least strengthen your position if a former employee does take an unfair dismissal claim.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Dismissal Workshops – Simplify the complexities of termination and workplace laws and know your rights and responsibilities as an employer
  • Policy Development – One of keys to ensuring fairness in disciplining or dismissal of an employee is ensuring that there are policies and procedures that are in place for employees and employers to understand and follow. Effective Workplace Solutions will ensure that your current policies and procedures comply with current employment laws and provide the basis for ensuring that any unfair dismissal claim is able to be properly defended.