Workshops, Training & Seminars

Bullying and harrasmentWe know the value of having your staff, managers and supervisors properly trained and informed about many workplace relations and human resources issues in the workplace. It’s vitally important for your managers and supervisors to be equipped with the knowledge and the know-how to deal with certain circumstances and issues as and when they arise. Effective Workplace Solutions can offer training seminars and workshops to your managers, line managers and supervisors on various workplace relations topics, at reasonable costs, to keep your staff informed, knowledgeable and equipped to handle key workplace relations issues as and when they arise.

Here are just a few of the types of training workshops and seminars that we are able to provide to your organisation, and all of our training workshops and seminars can be tailor made to your organisation:

Simplifying Termination and Counselling of Employees – dismissal and disciplining employees can be a complex minefield for employers. Many employers are fearful that if they don’t get it right, they may face costly unfair dismissal claims. This workshop simplifies the termination process so as to try and avoid or mitigate against costly unfair dismissal claim.

Dealing with Bullying and Harassment – recent changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 has heightened the need for employers to ensure that they have the proper policies and processes in place to deal with workplace bullying and harassment claims if and when they arise. This workshop will inform managers and staff as to how to properly deal with these matters and applying the proper policies and procedures that employers will need to have in place to avoid and deal with these claims.

Dealing with Ill and Injured Workers – this is another area of complex employment law which not only has unfair dismissal implications but can also lead to discrimination claims. However, it is a subject that may be able to be simplified by understanding the law and applying proper policies and procedures, and avoiding costly claims and Court proceedings.

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