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Reboot Your Workforce after COVID-19



It now appears clear that both State and Federal Governments are now planning the way out of COVID-19 restrictions and easing restrictions for business with a clear focus of trying to get business back up and running to ease the financial burden on the economy and the burden on the employees that have been impacted.

So, it would appear that in the coming weeks many businesses that have been closed or partially closed will now be able to re-open or re-open with some limitations. Clearly not all businesses are going to be able to re-open immediately however some will in the coming weeks. For some businesses this is now an opportune time to start thinking about preparing the workplace and preparing for situations that might arise in those first few weeks.

For some businesses, the return of employees to work will be smooth but for others there may be circumstances and scenarios that have not been dealt with nor contemplated. The return of staff to the workplace after a shutdown like this has never been dealt with before; and dare I say it, it is unprecedented.

Undoubtedly, questions are going to arise, such as how do I ensure my workplace is safe? Because all businesses have a duty to ensure that the workplace is safe, not just for employees but also customers, patrons and contractors.

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