Welfare Checks For Employees

By Karen Arnold, Director & Consultant

21st July, 2021

RUOK speech bubble WM 1 - Welfare Checks For Employees

As your employees adjust to new working arrangements along with potential uncertainty around finances and their health they are likely to need additional support. Whilst welfare checks are always an important component of managing your human workforce, COVID-19 and the ever present uncertainty that goes hand in hand with this pandemic as made this task even more crucial.

Research shows that remote workers can become less productive if they’re not in regular contact with managers. This can also lead to feelings of isolation and have a significant impact on mental health over time. We recommend that you keep in contact with all your employees as regularly as possible. Contact can take a variety of forms, such as team meetings, conference calls, one on one calls, emails and face to face catch ups. If available, an EAP service is a good resource for employees who are feeling anxious or struggling to adjust to changes within the workplace. Most of the EAP services are telephone based and not reliant on face-to-face contact which makes this a perfect resource for your team to access when there may be restrictions in place.

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